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2nd stop : Omaha Beach, Dog green Sector, Vierville Sur Mer

On this section of Omaha Beach, you will see how the Germans defended the beach and you will hear the story of the American soldiers from the 29th Infantry Division who landed there.

From this sector, the whole length of Omaha beach is visible. You will also see the famous seawall and the bluff running all along Omaha.

Omaha Beach nowadays

Omaha Bach in 1944

What to see on the way from Omaha Beach to Pointe du Hoc ?

You will see some remains of the American artificial harbor that was set up on Omaha Beach.

We are going to drive on the coastal road that was one of the objectives of the American Rangers who landed at the bottom of the cliff on Pointe Du Hoc.

Pointe du Hoc was extremely strategic on D-Day because the German battery on top the cliff was made of long range canons that could shoot on both American fleets : Omaha fleet and Utah fleet.