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5th stop : Utah Beach, Saint Marie du Mont

Utah Beach was located to the very western end of the landing beaches. You will learn what was the strategy of the American headquarters to land on that beach and to get further inland. You will hear the story of the 4th Infantry Division that landed on Utah Beach.

Restrooms are available in the hall of the museum.

Utah Beach nowadays

Utah Beach on D-Day

What to see on the way from Utah Beach to Angoville au Plain ?

The markers of the road of liberty. These road markers are marking the road taken by General PATTON’s 3rd army from Utah Beach to Bastogne, Belgium.

Monument dedicated to leadership, in memory of Major Richard WINTERS who led paratroopers from Company E (the famous “Easy Company“), 2nd battalion, 506th Paratrooper Infantry Regiment, 101rst Airborne Division. The book and series “Band of Brothers” is based on Major WINTERS’ story.


Major Richard WINTERS

Brécourt Manor Farm :

From the mini bus, you will see the famous Brécourt Manor farm where Richard WINTERS created an incredibly clever strategy to capture a German battery.

Sainte Marie du Mont.

This little town was liberated in the early hours of the 6th of June 1944.