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4ème arrêt : Sainte Mère Eglise

The little town of Sainte Mère Eglise had to be captured by the 82nd Airborne Division on June 6, 1944. You will hear the story of John STEELE, paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division whose parachute got hung on the bell tower of the church. This scene is featured in the movie “The Longest Day”.

Sainte Mère Eglise nowadays

Sainte Mère Eglise in 1944

Sainte Mère Eglise is liberated !

John STEELE, 82nd airborne division

Why is lunch not included in the tour?

We want to give you several options to spend your free time in Sainte Mère Eglise.

In Sainte Mère Eglise, you will have the opportunity to visit the Airborne Museum. If you want to visit the Airborne Museum on your free time, just grab some food to take away for lunch and you will have enough time to see the Airborne Museum. The guests having a tour with Normandy Excursions & Tours will get a discount for the entrance ticket to the Airborne Museum of Sainte Mère Eglise.

Click here to see the Sainte Mère Eglise Airborne Museum website :

You can also just wander in Sainte Mère Eglise and discover the town and the church. There are many good restaurants in Sainte Mère Eglise : your guide will recommend some of them.

You will also have the choice to have a quick lunch or a regular lunch there.

Another good reason to stop in Sainte Mère Eglise at lunch time is that there will not be any service in the church at that time of the day, so that the church is open to the public.

Several restrooms are available in Sainte Mère Eglise.