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What do you need to know about your visit in Mont Saint Michel?

Mont Saint Michel is an island. We can’t drive directly to Mont Saint Michel : vehicles have to be parked on the main land and we take a shuttle from the parking lot to the island. These shuttles from the parking lot to Mont Saint Michel are free and they are coming every 5 or 10 minutes, according to the traffic. The ride from the parking lot to Mont Saint Michel is about 10 minutes.

The rock on top of which Mont Saint Michel was built is very steep. As a consequence, there are many steps to climb to the abbey on top of Mont Saint Michel.
Mont Saint Michel is made of two different levels :

  • The fortress and the village are at the bottom of the rock and the access is free.
  • The abbey on top of the rock, also called “the Marvel” is a national monument. That is the reason why we have to pay an entrance fee which is included in our tour.

But if you don’t want to visit the abbey on very top, you can explore the village and walk along the medieval fortifications.